[scribus] weakness of Scribus

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Fri Nov 21 22:48:53 CET 2008

Daniel tecnologia wrote:
> The problems that I noticed or were not found a solution. 
> 1) when I was editing and formatting text a great, I blacked out a line without wanting to, it would be good if it had the option to undo. 
there is an effort to make Undo more universally available
> 2) he could have an option to automatically increase the distance between paragraphs to adjust the size of the text box 
This is a challenge in terms of implementation. Others have requested 
something to automatically increase frame size for text overflow, but 
the question is, how? Increasing the height of the frame in Properties 
is pretty easy, as it is with the mouse.
> 3) I felt a lack of a spell checker in the program when it was working right 
A spell checker (aspell) is already implemented in 1.3.5svn.
> 4) we are testing the software for use in a newspaper, I realized that in some text boxes with 3 columns for example, they keep the size of the columns equal, he leaves some columns with less text at the end than the other 
Not quite sure what you mean here, but in 1.3.5svn there are more 
advanced methods for character spacing, and styles have been split into 
Paragraph and Character styles. Perhaps this will help.
> 5) If you apply a style, you can not do formatting as increase the spacing without removing the style 
This is not true. I just tried this and it works, with either possible 
method. 1) on the main screen set Edit Contents mode, then highlight the 
section you wish to widen, narrow, whatever. Then go to Properties > 
Text and change the setting and you will see the text change.
2) In Story Editor, again, highlight the text you wish to change. Adjust 
the setting(s), then either click Update and Exit or Update without 
exiting to see this applied.
> 6) I had a page with 10 different types of style, I needed a few paragraphs switch to another style, but I could not select all paragraphs at a time, I had to click on each paragraph and go changing the style of one by one 
I'm not sure how easy you want this to be. If you are changing all the 
text in a frame, use Select Item mode, change the style in Properties > 
Text, and all paragraphs will change style. In Edit Contents mode, 
highlight as many paragraphs as you want to change, either with the 
mouse or by holding down Shift and using arrow keys, then change the 
Style and it will change for all the highlighted text. In Story Editor, 
again, highlight as much text as you want, then change the style in the 
selector in the top collection of toolbar choices, then update the frame 
to see the results.


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