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Hedley Finger hfinger at handholding.com.au
Sat Nov 22 03:48:08 CET 2008

> Daniel tecnologia wrote:
>> 2) he could have an option to automatically increase the distance 
>> between paragraphs to adjust the size of the text box 
> This is a challenge in terms of implementation. Others have requested 
> something to automatically increase frame size for text overflow, but 
> the question is, how? Increasing the height of the frame in Properties 
> is pretty easy, as it is with the mouse.
I think Daniel means adjust paragraphs to fit TO the size of the text 
box.  In fact feathering (carding) of paragraphs and lines could be a 
text box property that is applied to the text contents/paras as an 
over-ride without affecting the global para style properties.
>> 4) we are testing the software for use in a newspaper, I realized 
>> that in some text boxes with 3 columns for example, they keep the 
>> size of the columns equal, he leaves some columns with less text at 
>> the end than the other 
> Not quite sure what you mean here, but in 1.3.5svn there are more 
> advanced methods for character spacing, and styles have been split 
> into Paragraph and Character styles. Perhaps this will help.
'He' means 'it'.  I think Daniel means automatic column balancing if the 
columns are continuations of the same flow (story), so all columns are 
the same (perhaps by applying para or line feathering to avoid bad 
breaks over columns.



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