[scribus] Generate Master-Page with page-numbers via Script

alessandro rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Fri Nov 21 16:25:06 CET 2008

ciao emanuel

> No problem, but i'm not very
> familiar with python-scripts, so: we also want to use
> automatic-page-numbers and so i try to create textboxes with a "#"
> inside via script and hoped, that they will converted to the
> page-numbers. Without success.

i'm not script geek... but i guess you should look for a function called "insertpagenumber()" or similar...
i've not found it in the API on the docs site, but that doesn't mean that it's not there.

the # you see as a placeholder is not a regular #!
but you could try to crete a dummy document with one page with a page number in it, save it. you can have a look at the .sla file with a text editor and you may find out how it's internally stored... it may help or not (i can't test it right now)

have fun

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