[scribus] Generate Master-Page with page-numbers via Script

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Fri Nov 21 15:06:14 CET 2008

Emanuel Sprosec wrote:
> Hello to all of you!
> First of all: i'm new and my english is not very perfect, so please be patient with me - i'm reading your discussions for a while: really very useful and interesting.
> I'm working on an (online, non-commercial) E-Zine for more then three years and discovered Scribus a few weeks ago and i and my team going to switch to this excelllent tool for the pagelayout (and use the JPEG-Export) in the next weeks. 
> But i've a question now - i generate via script readymade page layout(s) (with ~15 pages - thanks to the wiki) with some lines, image/textboxes and so on for the team. No problem, but i'm not very familiar with python-scripts, so: we also want to use automatic-page-numbers and so i try to create textboxes with a "#" inside via script and hoped, that they will converted to the page-numbers. Without success. Now 'i've looked around and discovered the createMasterpage(...) Function, but i'm to stupid to use it, or to create one/a script, which build a masterpage(s) with the pagenumbers and then use this to generate 15 pages of it.
> Does anybody have a useful hint, idea or example, how to realise this - please notice, that i'm not a programmer, but i'm very open for every help, support and to build up my knowledge.
Hi Emanuel,

Page numbering is done with Master Pages. You create a master page, then 
place your page numbering text frame on it with the special page 
numbering character: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P. The default will be to start with 
the number '1', but you can use other numbering schemes and start with 
some other number.

For something you will be using again on another E-zine, you can import 
a Master Page from another document.




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