[scribus] Confused on how to insert/delete pages

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Thu Nov 20 16:28:54 CET 2008

> And what answer do you expect from another painter?
> Cubism ?  Who knows ?  Artists are not always polite about each others 
> styles or genres !
i think he was writing about the other type of painters...

> There is no 'one true way to enlightenment' when it comes to document
> preparation, and there are those of us that don't come from a
> conventional press work flow environment, who see DTP as 'document
> preparation without the many defects of word processors', as opposed
> to a discrete step in a process that must necessarily involve as many
> tools as job descriptions.
personally, i like the fact that scribus is built with the professional, 
classical, dtp worker in mind.
it's imho an insurance that the core features of scribus will be rock 
solid and that you won't experience *any* unwanted change on your 

i'm very happy if it can also fit for other workflows and needs (and i 
mostly do use it for other tasks!) and i think that  feedback for 
usecases like yours is more  than welcome!
i even dream of a scribus which would be suitable for producing 
translatable, evolutive, technical manuals...

but i also believe that such whishes should only be followed if they 
don't disturb the traditional work flow in any way.

so, having objects being automatically moved on even and odd pages is 
certainly an interesting feature. but you should be aware that when 
proposing such a feature, you have to make sure that frames always move 
in a predictable way. and a user not caring on that feature should 
*never* experience a wrong placed frame because of it.

you already got answers wich give some details on corner cases which 
will be difficult to be implemented...

now it's time to find out all the corner cases and to draft solutions 
for it!

have fun

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