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Craig Bradney cbradney at scribus.info
Tue Nov 25 18:15:42 CET 2008

On Tuesday 25 November 2008 17:30:58 John Beardmore wrote:
> JLuc wrote:
> > John Beardmore a écrit :
> >>>> I'm sure we'll do a lot of that, but even those of us with working
> >>>> practices most removed from conventional press rooms appreciate the
> >>>> need to get whatever 1.3.5 becomes before going off on tangents that
> >>>> enhance niche usability.
> >>>
> >>> what do you mean with 'niche' ?
> >>> afaik, there are far more unprofessional DTP-ists
> >>> than "conventional press room" inhabitants.
> >>
> >> I suppose I mean that among the 'non conformist' DTP community there
> >> is probably significant diversity of approach.
> >> Where these approaches cluster, I suppose I'm identifying that as a
> >> niche.
> >
> > I have not seen anywhere that Scribus is aimed at conventional press
> > rooms.
> I was perhaps wrong to say press rooms, but I've formed the impression
> from some comments, that Scribus is aimed at a work flow where layout is
> a discrete task, quite possibly undertaken by different people to those
> who write the material to be published, or at least that this sort of
> situation should be regarded as the norm.

Scribus is aimed at wherever such a program fits.. press rooms or not. Whether 
or not all functionality currently suits that is another thing, and up to 
developer time.

I know that layout as a separate task is the only situation we are aiming for.

Those that separate layout from content generation fit only one workflow, and 
one that many DTP users do not fit into.

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