[scribus] black = gray?

Pierre Marchand capparis at free.fr
Thu Nov 13 00:40:58 CET 2008

Vous (Femke Snelting) avez écrit :
> Hello,
Hi Femke, as it’s late, the answer will be short.

> […] all fonts came
> out pixelated.
Seems rather a rasterization problem, which is printer-side.

> Re-opening the files in Inkscape
I know Inkscape is great but opening PDF? ;-)

> we see with the help of the XML editor 
> that blacks have been somehow converted to #1e1e1e (some kind of RGB
> conversion?) instead of #000000 ... but why?
Here is the first text thing of first page of 046-053-e-Ivan%20Monroy.pdf:
/Fo5S0 10.00000 Tf
0.11780 G
0.11780 g
0 Tr
1.00000 0 0 1.00000 27.00000 -31.97754 Tm
<57> Tj

Where we see in action that setting a CMYK(0,0,0,100) does not give a black 
when translated into a Gray levels color space. It has been discussed a 
couple of times yet, and we found that: a) it’s normal! b) you have 2 ways to 
deal with that 1/ set an RVB black (which will translate into a true black in 
gray  2/ set a rich black and test or compute to obtain true black. Hm, the 
first the better I guess :-)
It makes me think that your "pixelated" problem could be related to this also 
by forcing screening …

Hope someone will come with better resources, I’m going to sleep now!

Pierre Marchand

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