[scribus] black = gray?

Femke Snelting snelting at geuzen.org
Thu Nov 13 09:25:50 CET 2008

Thanks Pierre!

>> […] all fonts came
>> out pixelated.
> Seems rather a rasterization problem, which is printer-side.

Yes, you are right. I should of course have typed 'rasterized' or: 'not 
full black'

>> Re-opening the files in Inkscape
> I know Inkscape is great but opening PDF? ;-)

Sounds strange but could not think of another non-proprietary way to 
check the color of the font after converting the .sla to .pdf -- the 
font is 100% CMYK black when we check the .sla in Scribus; when 
re-opening the pdf in Scribus (1.3.4) it crashes ;-)

> Here is the first text thing of first page of 046-053-e-Ivan%20Monroy.pdf:
> BT
> /Fo5S0 10.00000 Tf
> 0.11780 G
> 0.11780 g
> 0 Tr
> 1.00000 0 0 1.00000 27.00000 -31.97754 Tm
> <57> Tj
> ET
> Where we see in action that setting a CMYK(0,0,0,100) does not give a black 
> when translated into a Gray levels color space. 

I'm trying to find the similar mention in 
  (the test file that seems to come up correct) to understand what you 
mean / to see the difference. Which tool are you using to look at the 

It has been discussed a
> couple of times yet, and we found that: a) it’s normal!

I understant it is normal when black is not defined as CMYK (but it is). 
and sorry, only now I find back this thread:
http://lists.scribus.net/pipermail/scribus/2007-July/024349.html plus 
many discussions on color management but I'm a bit lost.

Scribus is compiled with littlecms support but color management settings 
do not show up in preferences (I'm not too interested for this 
straightforward black and white job). Maybe that's why pdf's come out 
correctly now?

b) you have 2 ways to
> deal with that 1/ set an RVB black (which will translate into a true black in 
> gray  2/ set a rich black and test or compute to obtain true black. Hm, the 
> first the better I guess :-)

You mean: use a custom/spot color from edit > colors?

> It makes me think that your "pixelated" problem could be related to this also 
> by forcing screening …

Yes, which I understand if we had decided to choose a 99% gray / RGB 
black for text. But we did not

Still a bit puzzled


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