[scribus] black = gray?

Femke Snelting snelting at geuzen.org
Thu Nov 13 00:04:58 CET 2008


We were embarrassed to find out much too late that in a series of pdf's 
we have sent out in September to be printed through Mute, all fonts came 
out pixelated.

Re-opening the files in Inkscape we see with the help of the XML editor 
that blacks have been somehow converted to #1e1e1e (some kind of RGB 
conversion?) instead of #000000 ... but why?

We are using the same version of Scribus ( -- though on a newly 
installed system) to once again convert the original Scribus files to 
pdf. The new files seem to be correct but to prevent further stress on 
our clients side, we would like to make absolutely sure we send out 
correct files this time.

The trouble is that we can't recreate the problem and that is worrying: 
  we are not aware of doing anything different this time and afraid to 
overlook something again.

What have we done wrong? And can we make sure this will not happen 
again? Hopefully you can reassure us!

Here are some of the files:

best and thanks,

Femke (OSP)

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