[scribus] Feedback on tabs, fonts and font color/size needed

Hedley Finger hfinger at handholding.com.au
Tue Nov 11 03:10:36 CET 2008


> Is a note in the intro stating: "Quoted material is formatted with a 
> light brown font color" adequate?

When I looked at the page, I assumed it to be material written by you.  
If it is indeed a quote, you need to acknowledge the copyright owner, 
either by a credit line underneath in teeny tiny type or by an 
acknowledgements page that gives the details of each copyright holder 
and then a list of page numbers on which their material appears.

If you don't acknowledge the owner, then, ahem officer, we appear to be 
at a crime scene and the perp is a plagiarist.  But if you revise or 
reword it substantially, then you have a paraphrased sidebar, the 
copyright is yours, and the owner of the original phrase does not have 
to be acknowledged.

As a way of indicating a sidebar, I like the brown colour!  I'd do 
something about those deep indents, though, especially if you have some 
one- or two-line paras.



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