[scribus] Feedback on tabs, fonts and font color/size needed

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Mon Nov 10 22:18:40 CET 2008

Mike Breiding wrote:
> Greetings,
> The link below points to a PDF page pulled from the photo book I am 
> working on.
> http://epicroadtrips.com/scribus/pdf_tabs_font_color_style/
> Question: Is there a way to change the indent width for "No Style".
> I used no styling on my main text and can find no way to change the 
> indent. I tried changing it in Preferences/Tools/Fonts but it will not 
> allow an indent smaller than 1".
> Also, any feed back on the font selection/combination?
> It is pretty bland. Mainly I was wondering about the color (light 
> brown) and font (arial) selection for quoted material.
> I am pretty unimaginative when it comes these types of things.
> Is a note in the intro stating: "Quoted material is formatted with a 
> light brown font color" adequate?
1. I would strongly advise that you create some paragraph styles, which 
not only allow for indentation of the first line, but also where 
subsequent lines go. If you decide to tweak your style later, it 
automatically changes the layout wherever the style is used. You can 
also copy a style and make only minor variations when needed. 
Furthermore, styles can be copied from one document to another.

2. the brown sans serif font is a matter of taste, I think. Personally, 
the different font face seems enough, so I'm not sure that making it 
another color is necessary and might lead to legibility issues in 
certain lighting. Making it black might also allow it to be just a bit 
smaller if that's any advantage for contrast.
Rather than calling them quotes, I would say they are annotations. If 
they are literally taken from some text they could be called quotes, but 
if you've changed the wording even a little bit, they're no longer quotes.

This is just one person's feedback, of course.


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