[scribus] Feedback on tabs, fonts and font color/size needed

Mike Breiding mike at WildWonderfulWV.us
Mon Nov 10 20:37:34 CET 2008

The link below points to a PDF page pulled from the photo book I am 
working on.


Question: Is there a way to change the indent width for "No Style".
I used no styling on my main text and can find no way to change the 
indent. I tried changing it in Preferences/Tools/Fonts but it will not 
allow an indent smaller than 1".

Also, any feed back on the font selection/combination?
It is pretty bland. Mainly I was wondering about the color (light brown) 
and font (arial) selection for quoted material.

I am pretty unimaginative when it comes these types of things.

Is a note in the intro stating: "Quoted material is formatted with a 
light brown font color" adequate?


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