[scribus] Specifying columns on a Master Page

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Mon Nov 10 00:00:04 CET 2008

Mark F. wrote:
> I'm putting together an illustrated technical book 
> and have done enough sample work that I'm convinced I can 
> do most everything I need -- processing and sizing pix to 300dpi 
> grayscale, margins, fonts, getting nice justified text 
> columns, producing good PDF, etc.
> But I'm stuck on one aspect of setting up the Master Page. 
> Page(s), actually, because I need separate ones for the LHS
> and RHS pages.  I can set up the margins, grids, page 
> numbering and that stuff.  But I can't figure out how to 
> set up the Master Page so that I get two text frames with 
> the attributes I require to show up in the document itself.
> Closest I've come is this:  I create the Master Page, specify
> margins, then make two text frames for the two columns in the 
> usual manner.  In my case, I'm using 3.5" wide columns.  They 
> are full length on the master page because I figure I can just 
> change them as necessary in the document.  Then I specify 
> "left justified" with the frame properties, and hyphenation with 
> Extras-->Hyphenate text. Then I move back to the main document.
> When I do a Page --> Apply Master Page in the document, the
> two column frames show up all right, but only with gray-dotted 
> borders.  Clicking on them will not select them in the usual way
> so that text can be imported.
> I realize I can make columns one at a time, then left-justify 
> the text, hyphenate, and link frames in the usual way. But I'd
> sure like to do the preliminary column setup with the Master Page
> if possible.
> Any ideas on this?  Thanks in advance.
Hi Mark,

The way Master Pages work in Scribus, you cannot edit them on the 
regular page, so you will need to create frames on the regular document 
layer(s) for these. I idea with MPs in Scribus is for inflexible content 
to show wherever the MP is applied. A minor exception is the page 
numbering, which does change.

The use of guides can help facilitate the placement, size, etc of text 
and other frames you place on regular layers. Also be aware that you can 
create a text frame on one page, then if you copy and paste to another 
page, it will have the same positioning as the original.
> BTW, I'm a relative novice at this, but after messing with Quark 
> and Pagemaker I've found Scribus to be a breath of fresh air.
Thanks for this feedback.


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