[scribus] Drat !!

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Thu May 22 15:58:15 CEST 2008

S B wrote:
> Frequent saves!!!
> Scribus still crashes occasionally.  I find that the backup facility is very
> helpful, and I've had to use the emergency backup from time to time.  If I
> recall correctly, you can have Scribus backup every few minutes or
> so--hardly a high price when you consider the potential loss of data.
> Now if someone will tell me how to get a month or so of Scribus documents
> back from a failed hard drive....??? (now I backup more frequently...are you
> surprised?)
There are failed drives and then there are failed drives. Unfortunately, 
many of them seem to be absolute, where the drive motor fails. If money 
were no object, one could probably find a way even then, since the data 
is still inside somewhere.

I usually make an attempt to install the drive on another card or 
another machine as feasible, just in case it's a controller issue (plus 
maybe it's just a flaky connection problem). This also helps you 
understand what to replace. Some "failed" drives may be very sick yet 
not quite dead, and if you're persistent, try to mount it on another 
computer rather than need to boot from it, you may find you can get just 
enough life out of it to get your needed data off.


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