[Scribus] I just don't get style imports...!

Calum Polwart scribus
Wed Mar 26 22:31:15 CET 2008

OK what am I doing wrong.  OOo Writer: set a three line document up for 

H1 This is Heading One
H2 This is Heading Two
T1 This is Text Body

In each of the default styles in OOo.

Then in Scribus (1.3.4 CCTFA Build, 27 May 07) I create a text box.  And 
do 'Get Text' and import the file with:

- Overwrite Paragraph Styles
- Merge Paragraph Styles
- Use Document Name as a Prefix for Paragraph Styles

Import goes OK.

Formatting appears in the text box (at least to some degree). 

But when I go into Story Editor: no paragraph styles are showing on the 
paragraphs.  They are available to select but they don't show.  And if I 
modify the style it only adopts the modified style if I click the 
paintbrush icon in Properties to clean the styles up...

Is this a bug?  Design? Am I doing something completely DUMB?

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