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Richard eyelagui
Thu Mar 27 12:57:48 CET 2008

Hello, i ve' been following this thread, and i would like to comment my 
own experience, it may help or it may not, but at least my try.

I had several issues with transparency when printing an exported pdf 
from scribus (don't use any other pdf generatonr), the main issue was 
when trying to overlap text and images, but then i discovered that some 
times it also failed when putting text besides an image without 
overlapping. Any page pure text or any page pure image always come fine.
On a mixed page i obtained a stripped printing (horizontal), i mean, 
something alike when a photocopier goes out of toner, some clearer 
lines, some good ones, BUT on the same document i have found the stripes 
were'nt always in the same place when making several printings from the 
same doc. in different times.
Using "test and error", i finally discovered that it was not a Scribus 
issue, but an ADOBE ACROBAT issue, so i changed my pdf reader, then 
everything went fine, on my home, and on the print shop.
Also, i've having some other issues when using laser printers, specially 
when using transparency, it seems that laser printers cannot handle 
transparency too good, so i stopped printing on laser when mixed 
text/img. This ressults were like a low dpi printing, i mean, on a 
1200dpi printer, results come out like a 80 dpi printing (or even less).

Best regards.

El 26/03/2008 06:07 p.m., D. R. Evans escribio':
> D. R. Evans said the following at 03/20/2008 08:11 AM :
>> flaco said the following at 03/20/2008 03:30 AM :
>>> Copy all content to a new page, delete text from boxes, export page as
>>> picture and load this as new background picture at the original page. Now
> I found a version of Scribus that exported properly to PNG, so I did this.
> And I just got the book back from lulu. And it looks crummy -- almost
> exactly the way that it looked when I simply submitted the Adobe 1.4 PDF
> produced directly from Scribus. Going through PNG conversion and then
> inputting the PNG into a Scribus frame did not improve matters (even though
> it seems obvious that it should have done so).
> So I conclude that, even though one can make lots of arguments as to why it
> shouldn't be true, the only way to guarantee that lulu covers come out
> predictably with the colours one intends is to submit PDF 1.3 files.
>   Doc
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