[Scribus] Master pages and templates.

Peter Nermander peter.nermander
Wed Mar 26 07:14:33 CET 2008

> Intersting anomaly. I created a template, then created a new document from
> the
> template. On the original template  I just had just one page. When I
> created
> a new document "from template" and then added "insert pages" for quantity
> 20
> the layout and margins were OK but the guide I had put on the template
> only
> appeared on page 1. I'll try modifying the template with a text frame on
> one
> side instead and see if that duplicates.

No. Guides and text frames are not created automatically when you add
pages. Added pages are empty (but they may have a Master page attached so
the contents of the master page is visible).

So, for guides you want on all pages, it is better to create them on the
Master page.

As for text frames, Scribus does not yet provide a good solution. There
are "automatic text frames" that can be created when you add pages, but
they are created with the margins as guide.

On the wishlist is the possibility to edit the content of Master pages
text frames, per page. (Today, if you edit the text frame of a Master page
it becomes visible on all pages using that Master page.)


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