[Scribus] Getting packages

Roger hovergo
Wed Mar 26 06:15:17 CET 2008


Please read the BUILDING file in the source tree, it has all the packages
needed for Fedora/RedHat
Yep did all that.

For the record and so that it's in the documentation, Yum install and yum update 
did not fix the installation of the -devel packages of which 4 were missing, 3 
are now installed and one ProFoDo or what ever its called could not be found.

I used Yumex and went to 'installed software' where it showed that the -devel 
files were installed, clicked on them, then 'Process the Files'  and lo, Yumex 
started to download the latest versions.

As Cmake requested other files I did similar and got all the necessary files.
Cmake completed successfully.

Make and make install problems are discussd in another email.
But 1.3.5 works now.

Thank you all for your invaluable assistance.

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