[Scribus] v1.3.4 How to import a list - keeping italic formatting

Calum Polwart scribus
Wed Mar 26 01:11:44 CET 2008

> Correct me if I don?t get the issue right. I understand that your text 
> is imported along with its stylesheet + enriched with italic and that 
> you are applying TabbedList in replacement of the imported stylesheet, 
> right? If so, I would suggest that you do not apply the TabbedList style 
> but instead edit it so it will be identical in terms of specs as 
> TabbedList. That way, the style will remain applied (it?s only different 
> than it was but it is still "applied") and the italic will be preserved.
> Hope this works.
> Louis
Hi Louis,

Not sure if I'm thick but I've never really got OO style import to
work.  Sure I get asked questions about fonts etc when they aren't there
and it gives me a new style called DocumentName.BodyText or whatever.
But in text editor the paragraph doesn't get that style applied instead
it gets "No Style" - I've always had this... as far as I know...



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