[Scribus] v1.3.4 How to import a list - keeping italic formatting

Louis Desjardins louis_desjardins
Tue Mar 25 22:50:07 CET 2008

Calum Polwart a ?crit :
> Having Two difficulties doing something I used to be able to do.
> I have a list - which has been derived from an SQL database, via 
> OpenOffice Calc to tidy up some fields, and merge some data together,  
> OOCalc does a merge of two fields (only one will ever have data in it) 
> into one and then uses Conditional Formatting to put data from Column B 
> in italics so you know its not the data from Column A.  Anyway - crazy 
> as that might seem I have a series of data (it'll run over 8 pages in 
> the end) which having manipulated in OOCalc, I put into OOText and 
> convert to text from table, with tabs as separators...
> I then import that into Scribus (via OO Import Tool) and it kindly keeps 
> the data in italics in italics and the rest as it was... However the 
> style is complete nonsense... all this is exactly how it used to be in 
> 1.3.3.x.
> So then I select all and apply my style called TabbedList.  Nothing 
> happens - my italics font stays italics, but the text stays wrong size, 
> no tab marks etc.  So I click the paintbrush next to the paragraph style 
> on the properties box - and bingo - my new style is applied... BUT - it 
> wipes the italics... what am I missing.

Correct me if I don?t get the issue right. I understand that your text 
is imported along with its stylesheet + enriched with italic and that 
you are applying TabbedList in replacement of the imported stylesheet, 
right? If so, I would suggest that you do not apply the TabbedList style 
but instead edit it so it will be identical in terms of specs as 
TabbedList. That way, the style will remain applied (it?s only different 
than it was but it is still "applied") and the italic will be preserved.

Hope this works.


> Second thing is it does this on the first text box - but then drags text 
> from the second box up - to which it applies no cleaning up...
> You guys have got me stumped... please don't say 'you'll need to 
> manually apply the italics one by one - I'll have to scream!'

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