[Scribus] 2 questions / hand made flattening

flaco inconcluso
Thu Mar 20 15:31:07 CET 2008

D. R. Evans schrieb:
> flaco said the following at 03/20/2008 03:30 AM :
>> Copy all content to a new page, delete text from boxes, export page as
>> picture and load this as new background picture at the original page. Now
> Yes, I was going to try this too, except that my version of scribus crashes
> when it exports as a picture (in fact, I did try it, which is how I
> discovered that it crashes :-) ). I'm waiting for hardy to come out so that
> this will be fixed (I assume); that should make it easy to produce
> lulu-ready content whatever features one uses.
Hmm, in my on WinXP this works well...

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