[scribus] no odt support???

Craig Ringer craig at postnewspapers.com.au
Mon Jun 30 04:02:36 CEST 2008

John Culleton wrote:

> And if for some reason I create another user id (for a grndchild 
> perhaps) then Scribus is similarly walled off. Other software is 
> available to all users, why not Scribus? For example TeX is 
> in /usr/local/texlive by default, and the binary there is in the 
> search path defined by /etc/profile. 

Scribus is no different. Honest. Like any program, you just need to
install it appropriately.

If you want to install just for yourself without root priveleges, you
can specify a path within your home directory to cmake and install
without becoming root. That's a good idea where possible, because build
system bugs CAN trash your system. I've never seen it happen yet, but
it's not unheard of particularly in `make uninstall' scripts.

If you want to install it for all users, you have several options:

- Install it to a shared path like /usr/local/bin/ as root. Uninstall
requires manual deletion or the running of an uninstall script as root,
so this isn't actually the greatest idea.

- Install it to a private subdir like /usr/local/bin/scribus13311 as
root then add it to the global user PATH. If you do this, you can
uninstall it by just deleting /usr/local/bin/scribus13311 .

- Make a directory like /usr/local/bin/scribus13311 as root, grant
ownership of it to yourself, then install to that directory as a normal
user. Make sure the directory and its contents are world readable with
chmod then add the location to the global user PATH. This is the safest
way to install any program, not just Scribus.

- (Best AND easiest): Use your modern distro's package management system
to painlessly install the program for you with a command like "apt-get
install scribus" or "yum install scribus".

I agree that Scribus's install procedures could currently use a bit of
improvement, mostly when it comes to CMake error messages. Overall,
though, I think you're making things difficult for yourself with the way
you're using your system. I very strongly recommend looking at a more
modern Linux distro that will take care of a lot of this stuff for you.

> I ran make install, but the old defective vesion of was still 
> in the /usr/local bin directory. 

Scribus will not copy its self to /usr/local/bin unless you've installed
with the prefix /usr/local . It doesn't know about old / other versions.

> Possibly it was an ownership 
> problem. l So I deleted it and copied the correct one there. 
> Remember /usr/local/bin is searched ahead of e.g., /usr/bin.

This is system dependent.

Craig Ringer

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