[scribus] No real CMYK black possible??

Tino Schwarze scribus.lists at tisc.de
Mon Jun 23 00:00:21 CEST 2008

On Sun, Jun 22, 2008 at 05:35:19PM -0400, Andrew A. Gill wrote:

> >
> >>> Any hints?
> >>
> >> Perhaps I have missed it, but what is your intended output?  You
> >> are using the ISOCoated v2 (ECI) profile for offset printing, but
> >> you don't say if you actually intend to print it on an offset
> >> press.  Do you intend to have this printed by offset?  Or do you
> >> have a different intended output?
> >>
> >> The solutions that we give will be dependent on your intended
> >> output.
> >
> > The file will go to an offset print shop[1]. They demand PDF/X3 with ISOCoated
> > v2 profile which is what I will provide. I fiddled around with gs and
> > cinepaint to check CMYK values and it doesn't look good at all (there's
> > no black any more in the files converted using tifficc in final PDF/X3 output),
> > but I suppose this is some other glitch, maybe in gs (8.50) or in
> > cinepaint... which tool would allow me to check real CMYK values in PDF
> > output?
> You might try outputting in Postscript and checking the colors 
> that way.
> They've redefined setcmykolor to cmyk, but the color values are 
> still readable:
> 0 0 0 1 cmyk eofill
> is an example from the output that I got.  I also lack your color 
> profiles, so this might be off for me.

Thanks, I verified that using my testfile and cmyk colors come out as
expected. I can't check the images this way, though. Strange: When I run
the EPS file through ghostscript[1], my 40/40/40/100 black seems to get
converted to 0/0/0/100 black - at least I can only see this kind of
black in Cinepaint. :-(

Now I'm wondering whether ghostscript is the culprit or cinepaint or
whatever is going on here...



[1] gsc -dEPSCrop -dNOPAUSE -sDEVICE=tiff32nc
-dProcessColorModel=/DeviceCMYK -sOutputFile=schwarztest-page1.tif -r100
-dGraphicsAlphaBits=4 -dTextAlphaBits=4 schwarztest-page1.eps

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