[scribus] Can Scribus use small caps from open-type fonts?

Gerry Snyder mesmerizerfan at gmail.com
Wed Jun 18 19:40:53 CEST 2008

I am just starting to learn Scribus, and am very impressed so far. I 
like the program itself, and now that I have started reading the wiki, 
think it is pretty well documented.

The two "funny character" things I am interested in are ligatures and 
small capital letters. I see where to insert ligatures, and like the 
fact that it is clear which are available in a given font and which are not.

Small caps that are in the font, on the other hand, seem to be ignored. 
Unless, of course, I am missing something.

Is there a way, other than writing a script to do the translation, to 
use what is in the open-type font? If not, does anyone know of plans to 
add that capability? The small-cap glyphs are in a private-use area, but 
presumably they are located in a consistent manner, at least from a 
given source.

Thanks for any responses, and a big Thank You to the development team.


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