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> > ** American typewriter from BT is a commercial font. > > I'm pretty sure my copy of amrtypen.ttf came in a soup of > fonts on a Corel8 CD. The "LICENSE.TXT" for the fonts > indicated free personal use, but for commercial uses you > should buy a license. Quite normal practice.> > The font header is not very informative:> > "MediumAmerTypewriterITCbyBT..."
> Suppose there is a bit more legalese in font headers these days?
** Legalese in font header isn't sufficient to determine as for the use of a police. Only the license has a real value. 
You have the right to use this font ,only and only because you have 
the program delivering it. Sandra can't if she haven't a corel prg like 
you.  Fonts coming with a prg aren't redistribuable too... Even if you 
can find it on the web... Shareware fonts can only be tested, the 
use need to purchase a licence.
- Now, where are the limits between personal an commercial uses? 
Associations and organisations are considered as having a commercial status, depending of the country.
- And if I publish a work on the web for exemple, by using a font like 
American typewriter ITC by BT?
Legally and in theory, this is no longer a personal use too... 
So, yes I know, there is a lot of troubles about fonts and sometime 
all is not so clear. But fonts and especialy commercial ones "find" on 
the web isn't a reference.
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