[Scribus] a bit off-topic: Tool to add notes to PDFs??

flaco inconcluso
Fri Jan 18 16:51:04 CET 2008

Peter Nermander schrieb:
>> Does anyone out there know a easy-to-use cross-platform tool that allows
>> to
>> put annotations into an existing PDF-document?
> Multivalent has some kind of similar feature, however it does not add
> "true" annotations but keeps them in a separate file. It can also handle
> things like changing some of the text (like strikeout for text fo be
> removed), but last time I tried it it didn't work very well (for example
> sometimes the font and font size changed when adding strikeout).
> It also require Multivalent to see the annotations (since only multivalent
> cen read the annotation file). One good thing though is that you only need
> to send the annotations file back, you don't have to send the whole PDF if
> the receiver already have it.
> /Peter


Multivalent seemed to be something that could work. Also a nice aspect to
have the annotations in a seperate file. Worked fine with a test file, but
failed in display a 16p-Scribus-generated PDF properly. Btw, this project
seems to be deep-frozen since 12/05...
So it seems like we have to wait till Philipp creates a new tool, or Craig
does the PDF-hack and implies the commentary function to the scribus
Til then I think I'll go on with a paid Adobe Acrobat copy. :s

@ Michael: Sorry. Misunderstood... Did't see that your comment about Perl
modules was to Philipp at first glance.

Thanx everyone, flacote

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