[Scribus] a bit off-topic: Tool to add notes to PDFs??

Peter Nermander peter.nermander
Mon Jan 14 07:22:10 CET 2008

> Does anyone out there know a easy-to-use cross-platform tool that allows
> to
> put annotations into an existing PDF-document?

Multivalent has some kind of similar feature, however it does not add
"true" annotations but keeps them in a separate file. It can also handle
things like changing some of the text (like strikeout for text fo be
removed), but last time I tried it it didn't work very well (for example
sometimes the font and font size changed when adding strikeout).

It also require Multivalent to see the annotations (since only multivalent
cen read the annotation file). One good thing though is that you only need
to send the annotations file back, you don't have to send the whole PDF if
the receiver already have it.


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