[Scribus] Scribus and syntax highlight

Craig Ringer craig
Fri Feb 29 17:46:00 CET 2008

Gregory Pittman wrote:
> I think you ought to seriously think about whether you want to do this. 
> If your end product will be online it's not such an issue, but if 
> printed commercially, you've turned a text into a color ink process, 
> with its added expense and hassles. Or, if someone prints the PDF on 
> their own using a grayscale printer, what happens to legibility?

That's a really good point. In fact, if you're using an offset litho 
print process (rather than, say, a toner based process) colour halftoned 
text, especially if it's not composed of just one colour ink, can be 
hard to read, and may need to be printed at larger type sizes than black 
text needs to be. So it's not even just an issue of cost.

Craig Ringer

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