[Scribus] How to make ``photo book'' easily? + some

Craig Bradney cbradney
Fri Feb 29 16:09:50 CET 2008

>    I was confused by two-step process of image placement:
> (1) Creation of Image Frame object
> (2) Linking of Image Frame object with image file..

This is typical for DTP.. Depending on your environment, you can drag from
the desktop to the canvas though to reduce the load.

>    So, my first thought was: ``Cool, I can refactor out BIG chunk of 
> common data -- Image Frame properties -- from all my pages''. Ooops :(

Placing image and text frames on master pages where content can be placed to
the applied-to pages will come in a future version of Scribus.

>    And even more: I was surprised, when I understand, that all 
> properties of image frame (shape, lines, lines color, etc.) can not be 
> separated to style, and changed at once for whole document later. We 
> have styles for text for ages (and every book about using DTP or office 
> package spends A LOT pages to describe, why styles are A GOOD THING and 
> formatting in-place is A BAD THING), and now I need to style every frame 
> by hands...

Also coming in a future version of Scribus is frame styling (to extend the
existing line styles which you could in fact use now for part of your


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