[Scribus] How to make ``photo book'' easily? + some

Lev A. Serebryakov lev
Fri Feb 29 15:58:11 CET 2008

Gregory Pittman wrote:

>>    And even more: I was surprised, when I understand, that all 
>> properties of image frame (shape, lines, lines color, etc.) can not be 
>> separated to style, and changed at once for whole document later. We 
>> have styles for text for ages (and every book about using DTP or office 
>> package spends A LOT pages to describe, why styles are A GOOD THING and 
>> formatting in-place is A BAD THING), and now I need to style every frame 
>> by hands...
> I think perhaps you need to keep working on learning more about Scribus 
> before you criticize the fact it doesn't anticipate your needs.
> You *can* make line styles and apply them to frame borders, lines, etc., 
> and then edit them later so your changes will be applied throughout the 
> document.
   Line style -- yes. I can see listbox with "No style" in it and 
understand, what does it mean.

   Whole frame style (everything I can set in properties dialog, called 
by "F2") -- no.

   It likes, you can have styles for characters, but not for paragraphs. 
Or have only styles, which set font weight, but not font color.

// Lev Serebryakov

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