[Scribus] How to make ``photo book'' easily? + some

Lev A. Serebryakov lev
Fri Feb 29 15:12:46 CET 2008

Gregory Pittman wrote:

 > but it's really outside the function that Master Pages were designed
 > for.
   And for what were they designed? For me (as programmer with big 
practice in OOD/OOP) Master Page should accumulate ALL common bits from 
ALL pages, derived from it. Placement of common elements, etc. "Image" 
is very coarse object, IMHO, if system allows to have "Image Frame" 
without linked file.

   I was confused by two-step process of image placement:
(1) Creation of Image Frame object
(2) Linking of Image Frame object with image file..

   So, my first thought was: ``Cool, I can refactor out BIG chunk of 
common data -- Image Frame properties -- from all my pages''. Ooops :(

   And even more: I was surprised, when I understand, that all 
properties of image frame (shape, lines, lines color, etc.) can not be 
separated to style, and changed at once for whole document later. We 
have styles for text for ages (and every book about using DTP or office 
package spends A LOT pages to describe, why styles are A GOOD THING and 
formatting in-place is A BAD THING), and now I need to style every frame 
by hands...

> As someone has said, and I gave some links for, scripting for this 
> allows for great flexibility. Perhaps what I can do is think about 
  There is one problem: I'm programmer, Ok. Really, I wrote perl script, 
which generates TeX source and calls pdftex (so, no Scribus in this my 
project, sorry, but I'll try it again when I'll need real layout, 
instead of one-picture-per-page-no-text-at-all simplest case).

   But DTP system is not for programmers... And photo album is very 
common task in our century of print-on-demand services... There is 
function "Text flow" for ages (I've use it in PageMaker 5.0 many years 
ago), when imported LONG text spreads on many pages. It seems, that we 
need such feature for images too...

// Lev Serebryakov

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