[Scribus] How to make ``photo book'' easily? + some

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Fri Feb 29 14:44:45 CET 2008

William F. Maddock wrote:
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>> OTOH, you expect a lot -- you seem to want to automatically make pages 
>> and frames, then be able to ed it all frames simultaneously in an 
>> identical way, yet they can't be an identical way since they're not all 
>> identical -- something has to give in your "requirements."
>>>    Even worse, here are TWO formats, really: landscape & portrait. It 
>>> can be solved with two master pages, if master page works. But it doesn't.
>>>    Is here any good solution for this problem?
> Greg,
> Couldn't we have a master-page pointer that would automatically establish the requested frame type and size at the requested position on every page that the user actually opens? That way, only the pointer is on the master page, but editing the pointer would move/resize all of the frames that are linked to it.
I suppose something like this could be devised, but it's really outside 
the function that Master Pages were designed for. It also might be 
difficult or impossible to figure out the parameters that would make 
this useful in more than one person's project.

As someone has said, and I gave some links for, scripting for this 
allows for great flexibility. Perhaps what I can do is think about 
modifying my automatic image import script for a more hands-on approach 
-- for example, having some dialogs to specify an X-Pos/Y-Pos, 
Height/Width and maybe even indicate a directory with some particular 
naming scheme for the images. One could even embed in the name an 
indicator of whether the image is portrait/landscape.

Even so, I'm not here to do the script writing for others' personal 
projects, only trying to show some basics about how you can do these 
things yourself.


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