[Scribus] How to make ``photo book'' easily? + some

Richard eyelagui
Thu Feb 28 18:44:49 CET 2008

I think, as in numbering pages, when you put ## for page number, there 
could be some way to put photo##.jpg or anything alike, so every page 
get a number for the photo-name and just put one photo then all the rest 
can get loaded automatically.
Also there could be some king of linking between photo frames like in 
text frames so when applying a change to the first one you are not 
applying it to a photo but the big linked picture frame/s.

Is this undestandable?

When i need to make picture frames all with the same specs. and 
position, (and so) i just copy and paste to the next page (for same 
position), frame properties are copied too, so i just need to replace 
the picture inside. Well, if there could be some sort of property to 
make an automatic numbering on picture name, the task to replace the 
picture could get automated and i just would need to copy/paste frames 
from one page to another and make pictures with numbered names.

Part#1 - Part#2 . extension

P01 - 01 . jpg





Part#1 on the name could be get from page number, and part#2 could be 
automatically numbered with some sort of counter.

This could really save so much time to people making repeated task jobs.
I'm making a catalog with this kind of picture naming, but putting it 
one by one on hand. (maybe this can be done already with scripting?)

Thanks to scribus team for making such a good product, thanks for the 
time to read this and hope this could be a good idea for you too.

El 28/02/2008 01:06 p.m., Lev A. Serebryakov escribio':
> William F. Maddock wrote:
>> Couldn't we have a master-page pointer that would automatically
>  > establish the requested frame type and size at the requested position
>  > on every page that the user actually opens? That way, only
>  > the pointer is on the master page, but editing the pointer
>  > would move/resize all of the frames that are linked to it.
>    It is exactly what I dream about!

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