[Scribus] How to make ``photo book'' easily? + some "bug-reports"

Michal Blazejczyk blazej
Thu Feb 28 18:19:03 CET 2008


Frankly, I think this is a perfect situation to use scripting
in Scribus.  It would be fairly easy to write a simple script
that would go through all image files in a directory, and place
them on one page each in a Scribus document.
Then if you needed to relocate the images or something, you
could whip up another even shorter script.

But that's just the programmer in me talking...  :)

Michal Blazejczyk

>    I want to make-up book with picture on every page. All pictures are
> same sizzle & position.
>    I've tried to add "image frame" on master page, and link it with
> different image files on every book paged, but it didn't work. I can not
> have different content on different page :(
>    Now I added frame to scrap book and copy it on every page, but it is
> ugly solution: it will be hard to change frame or position of every
> image in once, if I need to :(
>    Even worse, here are TWO formats, really: landscape & portrait. It
> can be solved with two master pages, if master page works. But it doesn't.
>    Is here any good solution for this problem?
>    Other encountered problems are:
>   (1) When I have guides on page & "snap to guides" is turned on, first
> click in guide, when create frame, ALWAYS is displaced right-top from
> guide for ~2-3pt. Even if I have HUGE magnification and click EXACTLY in
> guide. After that I need to drag frame to snap it in place, and as here
> "proportional resize" is turned on by default, it is not easy task
> (second corned should be snapped too, of course).
>   (2) Properties dialog (F2 button) is too small (have many scrollers)
> and can not be resized at all.
>    I use on WinXP

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