[Scribus] How to make ``photo book'' easily? + some "bug-reports"

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Thu Feb 28 13:46:21 CET 2008

Lev A. Serebryakov wrote:
>    I want to make-up book with picture on every page. All pictures are 
> same sizzle & position.
>    I've tried to add "image frame" on master page, and link it with 
> different image files on every book paged, but it didn't work. I can not 
> have different content on different page :(
>    Now I added frame to scrap book and copy it on every page, but it is 
> ugly solution: it will be hard to change frame or position of every 
> image in once, if I need to :(
There are many ways to try to help with what you're trying to do, one being:
this should work in Windows as long as you have python.

OTOH, you expect a lot -- you seem to want to automatically make pages 
and frames, then be able to ed it all frames simultaneously in an 
identical way, yet they can't be an identical way since they're not all 
identical -- something has to give in your "requirements."
>    Even worse, here are TWO formats, really: landscape & portrait. It 
> can be solved with two master pages, if master page works. But it doesn't.
>    Is here any good solution for this problem?
Master Pages are not the answer since the content must be the same in 
Master Pages.
If you copy a frame on a given page (Ctrl+C), then go to another page 
and paste (Ctrl+V), you will find that a copy is placed on that page at 
precisely the same coordinates -- should be more convenient than the 
Scrapbook. Thus, you can continue to advance Pages and continue with 
Ctrl+V so that you "manually automate" the process.
>    Other encountered problems are:
>   (1) When I have guides on page & "snap to guides" is turned on, first 
> click in guide, when create frame, ALWAYS is displaced right-top from 
> guide for ~2-3pt. Even if I have HUGE magnification and click EXACTLY in 
> guide. After that I need to drag frame to snap it in place, and as here 
> "proportional resize" is turned on by default, it is not easy task 
> (second corned should be snapped too, of course).
>   (2) Properties dialog (F2 button) is too small (have many scrollers) 
> and can not be resized at all.
>    I use on WinXP
We had a complaint about this a while back that turned out not to be 
true -- you may not get a change in the shape of your mouse cursor, even 
though you can still adjust the size of the window -- just position it 
at the edge/corner, click and drag.


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