[Scribus] Big Complains about scribus 1 x Win + 1 x Win+Lin

Craig Ringer craig
Tue Feb 19 00:52:33 CET 2008

Richard wrote:
> The first thing, comes with the .sla file format.
> It is a plain text file, so, Linux opens it with kate, or whatever my 
> default text editor.
> If i change .sla association, or let's say "open with..." then 
> "remember my choice" i get Scribus opening every text file, even those 
> without extension, even those with .txt
> I'm using Ubuntu 7.10 and Scribus Never seen something like 
> this before, it is an Ubuntu 7.10 issue?, or it is because the use of 
> plain text files?
Many files are "plain text" in a sense. Linux systems usually use the 
file extension, sometimes combined with information obtained by 
examining the first few bytes of the file, to determine a MIME type for 
the file. They then use that MIME type to figure out what to do with the 

It sounds like your system isn't seeing the MIME type settings for the 
.sla format, and is for some bizarre reason assuming it's text/plain 
instead of more sensible generic defaults like text/xml or 

Since you're using Ubuntu I assume you are using GNOME ? Which version?
Where did you get Scribus - from an Ubuntu package, from the Scribus 
repositories, or compiled yourself?
Do you use the normal GNOME file browser Nautilus?
> Also, with win and lin Scribus versions, is the undo issue, everything 
> that comes inside a text or picture frame reacts to undo, ok... but i 
> want text frame itself or picture frame to react to undo.
> I mean... I put a picture inside a frame, then change frame shape, or 
> possition, or wathever else, i find i made a mistake, want to go back 
> with undo... then... picture vanishes, (last picture action was 
> importing it) but frame stays in the exact same possition and shape or 
> wathever i changed, so i have to put picture again. Something similar 
> happens with text frames.
Undo in 1.3.3.x is incomplete. The way it's implemented means that if a 
non-undoable action is performed the undo system just doesn't know about 
it, so when you execute an undo operation the last undoable action is 
undone instead. This is indeed a pain, but I doubt it'll get fixed in 
1.3.3.x . The commit logs suggest there may have been some improvements 
in 1.3.5 but I'm really not sure.

Craig Ringer

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