[Scribus] Big Complains about scribus 1 x Win + 1 x Win+Lin

Richard eyelagui
Tue Feb 19 03:17:10 CET 2008

El 18/02/2008 08:52 p.m., Craig Ringer escribi?:
> Since you're using Ubuntu I assume you are using GNOME ? Which version?
> Where did you get Scribus - from an Ubuntu package, from the Scribus 
> repositories, or compiled yourself?
> Do you use the normal GNOME file browser Nautilus?

I'm sorry craig, i'm using Kubuntu 7.10, so KDE, and installed Scribus 
from the Kubuntu repository directly with apt, no lines added to 
I'm using Konqueror as file browser.

Thanks for your time.

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