[Scribus] Minor GUI concerns

Owen rcook
Thu Feb 14 22:14:50 CET 2008

> 2008/2/14, Gregory Pittman <gpittman at iglou.com>:
>> Cedric Sagne wrote:
>> > Hi
>> >
>> > I was reading about hanging punctuation (see the link), which is just
>> > one refinement similar to capital caps.
>> > A workaround is available by defining a paragraph style with an
>> > indentation for the main text but not for the first line.
>> > Is there a wider voice for something more automated?
>> >
>> >
>> Not sure I would consider this a "workaround" -- it's how you do this.
>> As your example shows, this is not likely to be something that can be
>> simply automated -- the left double quotes are larger than they should
>> be for the text size (see the right double quotes at the end).
>> I didn't find that making a hanging indent of a few points was so
>> difficult, and it would need to be customized for various fonts and font
>> sizes anyway.
>> > http://desktoppub.about.com/od/typelayout/ss/hangingquotes.htm
>> >
>> > Also, on the GUI side, I would really save time with a shortcut from
>> the
>> > properties palette to edit colours and text styles. Are there more
>> > people around who agree with me?
>> >
>> A bit more explanation of what you want here would help. Edit >
>> Paragraph Styles doesn't work? You can set a keyboard shortcut if you
>> wish...
> Greg,
> I take this opportunity to explain further what I have in mind when I talk
> about a button named "Create style". While it is very efficient to test
> various type settings from the PP and immediately see the result in the
> real
> text frame of your job (as opposed to the sample text that is in the Edit
> >
> Paragraph Styles dialog) it is clumsy to have to go to the Edit >
> Paragraph
> Styles dialog to enter again those values when you're satisfied with the
> result and want that as a Style. The trip to this dialog is time consuming
> and not very efficient. What I suggest is this button that would allow to
> immediately create a Style from the settings of the PP (provided as
> mentionned in an earlier bug report that we harmonize the PP and the Edit
> >
> Par Styles dialog). Once hit, we would be offered a small dialog asking
> for
> a Style Name and a Keyboard Shortcut (as an option) and voil?!
> I sincerely think this would be a great plus for productivity and
> creationness! Not a gadget, a real plus in the PP. Consider the fact that
> afaik Scribus is alone in its category to allow such mousewheel settings
> combined with ctrl and shift keys to make the finest settings at your
> fingertip, including changing fonts, typesize, linespacing, kerning...
> etc.
> Given all those goodies that are really super-efficient, I am incline to
> think that a "Create Style" button would be in fact the cherry on the
> cake,
> the final touch to the text tab in the PP! Am I too enthusiastic?

In 1.3.5, there is a keyboard shortcut for at least the character styling,
early days but it worked, and yes, a style button is a brilliant idea


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