[Scribus] Minor GUI concerns

Cedric Sagne cedric.sagne
Thu Feb 14 21:42:06 CET 2008

Actually I will set up a keyboard shortcut, it will be an improvement. 
But for example in the story editor, you get a "edit styles" at the 
bottom of the list of styles, but in the Properties palette, you don't.
And as it would be a redundant link to the same tool, obviously my 
personal use cannot be considered unless it is in fact widespread.

Same things for colours, productivity is affected because you need to go 
to the Edit.Colours menu. Now I don't usually whine about minor GUI 
things for which I may be the only person, and especially when the 
feature itself is available, hey I'm not a troll - hence my question "is 
there anybody out there who agrees and wants to push the same cart?"


>> Also, on the GUI side, I would really save time with a shortcut from the 
>> properties palette to edit colours and text styles. Are there more 
>> people around who agree with me?
> A bit more explanation of what you want here would help. Edit > 
> Paragraph Styles doesn't work? You can set a keyboard shortcut if you 
> wish...
> Greg

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