[Scribus] Use question: multiple versions

Phil Mendelsohn phil
Thu Feb 14 22:00:25 CET 2008

Hi - I believe that I am so busy getting a newsletter I edit out that I 
am not spending the time to learn the tool (Scribus) properly.  Can 
anyone suggest the easy way to do the following tasK, semi-automagically?

I make a newsletter that is usually 20 or 24 pages, 8.5 x 11, but 
printed on 11 x 17, saddle stitched (stapled) and folded.  It is also 
released in .pdf format.

Currently, I do the master by laying out the single sheet format, which 
can be printed to .pdf for the electronic version.  Then I create a 
Ledger size document, and copy the laid-out pages in the appropriate 
order to make the printing master.

1:  I know how to do master pages for page numbers in the single sheet 
version.  Is it possible to do them in the large version?  The page 
numbers follow a different sequence when laid out for printing.  (The 
first sheet would have 20, 1, 2, 19, then the second would have 18, 2, 
3, 17, etc...)

2:  Is there an easier way to arrange the pages than either copying the 
individual pages from one document to another, or (ick!) printing .pdf's 
and importing them?

I have looked a bit, but don't find the answer I want readily.


"Nothing is too small to know, and nothing too big to attempt."
--Sir William Cornelius Van Horne

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