[Scribus] Minor GUI concerns

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Thu Feb 14 14:56:00 CET 2008

Cedric Sagne wrote:
> Hi
> I was reading about hanging punctuation (see the link), which is just 
> one refinement similar to capital caps.
> A workaround is available by defining a paragraph style with an 
> indentation for the main text but not for the first line.
> Is there a wider voice for something more automated?
Not sure I would consider this a "workaround" -- it's how you do this. 
As your example shows, this is not likely to be something that can be 
simply automated -- the left double quotes are larger than they should 
be for the text size (see the right double quotes at the end).
I didn't find that making a hanging indent of a few points was so 
difficult, and it would need to be customized for various fonts and font 
sizes anyway.
> http://desktoppub.about.com/od/typelayout/ss/hangingquotes.htm
> Also, on the GUI side, I would really save time with a shortcut from the 
> properties palette to edit colours and text styles. Are there more 
> people around who agree with me?
A bit more explanation of what you want here would help. Edit > 
Paragraph Styles doesn't work? You can set a keyboard shortcut if you 


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