[Scribus] Version mixup on Ubuntu

Owen rcook
Wed Feb 13 09:55:32 CET 2008

> Hi,
> I'm using the latest Ubuntu, and I'm getting Scribus
> from the following repository:
> http://debian.scribus.net/debian gutsy main non-free
> The problem is that I have two Scribus icons in the
> Applications menu:
>   -, 07 August 2007, Build ID: C-C-T-F-A
>   - 1.3.4, 27 May 2007, Build ID: C-C-T-F-A
> This is most likely due to the fact that I have two
> Scribus packages installed: scribus and scribus-ng...
> My mistake  :-)
> Anyway...  Without realizing it, I've been using
> version 1.3.4 lately (and swearing at its instability).
>  From reading this mailing list I no wknow that this
> is an unstable version.  Question: is there any way
> I can salvage the document I created in 1.3.4 and
> migrate it back to
> Another question: I would like to upgrade my "scribus"
> package to the latest version.  But when I open Synaptic,
> I don't see neither or  How do I then
> get the latest version(s) on Ubuntu?

The latest version is

I think a packaged will be made in the near future, ie, it is
pretty close to being bug free

If you are familiar with svn, it is probably best to make it yourself, see
http://wiki.scribus.net/index.php/Building_SVN_versions_with_CMake for the
details of how to do that. You will need development files from Ubuntu
repositories if you go that path.

Reverting a 1.3.4 document to 1.3.3 is not really possible. One process id
to take all your elements into the scrapbook, then open the 1.3.3 and
bring in the scrapbook. Not all that satisfactory.

Also note when you start with 1.3.5, it also is not backwards compatible
with 1.3.4 or 1.3.3

Good luck


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