[Scribus] Scribus Sigfault 11

Owen rcook
Sat Feb 9 04:23:16 CET 2008

> <snip>
> The best thing you can do is rebuild Scribus with debugging turned on,
> run it under gdb, and get a backtrace. However, honestly, you might be
> wasting your time doing this with 1.3.4 rather than 1.3.5svn ; I don't
> know. The up-to-date dev team members can tell you that for sure.
> </snip>
> I had the same with, ad now 1.3.4
> I tried compiling but it would not find libjpeg and libcms --
> both
> are installed and detected with whereis or locate.

Yes, but do you have the development files, you need lcms.h and jpeglib.h


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