[Scribus] Scribus Sigfault 11

Roger hovergo
Fri Feb 8 22:41:03 CET 2008

The best thing you can do is rebuild Scribus with debugging turned on,
run it under gdb, and get a backtrace. However, honestly, you might be
wasting your time doing this with 1.3.4 rather than 1.3.5svn ; I don't
know. The up-to-date dev team members can tell you that for sure.

I had the same with, ad now 1.3.4
I tried compiling but it would not find libjpeg and libcms -- both 
are installed and detected with whereis or locate.

Have used Scribus for years in FC6 with not one fault / glitch / crash.
Its only for me since FC8 and strangely enough I have problems with not being 
able to use Blender.
I think its an FC8 problem but am unqualified to comment on this.

The Sigfault 11 in this installation 'appears' to be only on <Save> and Quit -- 
With and 11 it sigfaulted intermittently usually after editing an image 
in Gimp or text in the Story Editor.

I'll retry compiling with debug on


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