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Chantal Rosmuller chantal
Wed Feb 6 08:26:12 CET 2008

On Tuesday 05 February 2008 21:02:07 Gregory Pittman wrote:

> I think I understand what you're saying. At some point, we have to
> accept that the users' needs do not always have to be met, just as
> commercial ventures cannot always meet the desires/needs of the
> customer. We have heard from printers who constantly face customers who
> want to make last-minute changes after a job has been already set up --
> at some point they have to say no.
> With Scribus development itself, there are periodic feature freezes and
> string freezes as a new version is approaching completion -- it just has
> to be that way.
> So layout people, after having put in a tremendous amount of work, may
> have to say to editors that they cannot simply upload a whole new
> version of the text, you will have to trim it down to the changes, and
> these better be limited and essential. This is the practicality of
> working as a team.
> Greg
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Hi Greg,

Okay that is very understandable from your point of view. At the moment we are 
experimenting with another solution, we are letting the writers work in a 
wiki and import that into Scribus. In a wiki the layout options are more 
limited than in office so it will cause less problems. It has some other 
advantages for us because people can work from home in the same document, the 
wiki keeps track of changes etc etc

Still I would like to make one remark, if a program like Indesign has a 
certain feature, you can expect users to want that feature in an open source 
program like Scribus. I myself am a big fan of Scribus and open source but  
an average user who has worked with a closed source program with certain 
features will not be happy with an open source program with less features 
just because it is open source. Ofcourse I really don't know if Scribus has 
less features than Indesign I never use either of these programs. And I would 
like to add that "my" users who are experimenting with Scribus are very happy 
with it! We are just looking for a way to integrate it into the workflow. 
That does not necessarily mean that you have to add a feature there are other 
solutions :). 

regards Chantal

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