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Figaro marquiseduchatelet
Wed Feb 6 06:07:15 CET 2008

I'll be leaving the list now.

Thanks for the really great work.

Gregory Pittman wrote:
> Figaro wrote:
>> Hello, all.
>> Please allow me to step in here as I was the person who forwarded this
>> onto the active Scribus stage (as it were).
>> Please be appreciative that there are many many reasons that "silos" may
>> be an operational exigency, as I think you mean to imply you understand.
>> There are also self imposed "silos" that we all face due to the need to
>> "get on with the job", especially if earning an income.
>> And, of course the intention is to gradually go back to learn all the
>> intricate details of the softwares. But, I ask you and me how many of us
>> actually follow through beyond the cursory "need to USE now plus a
>> little 'cuz I messed up" level?
> I think I understand what you're saying. At some point, we have to 
> accept that the users' needs do not always have to be met, just as 
> commercial ventures cannot always meet the desires/needs of the 
> customer. We have heard from printers who constantly face customers who 
> want to make last-minute changes after a job has been already set up -- 
> at some point they have to say no.
> With Scribus development itself, there are periodic feature freezes and 
> string freezes as a new version is approaching completion -- it just has 
> to be that way.
> So layout people, after having put in a tremendous amount of work, may 
> have to say to editors that they cannot simply upload a whole new 
> version of the text, you will have to trim it down to the changes, and 
> these better be limited and essential. This is the practicality of 
> working as a team.
> Greg
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