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John Beardmore John
Wed Feb 6 15:27:28 CET 2008

Chantal Rosmuller wrote:

> Still I would like to make one remark, if a program like Indesign has a 
> certain feature, you can expect users to want that feature in an open source 
> program like Scribus. I myself am a big fan of Scribus and open source but  
> an average user who has worked with a closed source program with certain 
> features will not be happy with an open source program with less features 
> just because it is open source.

I suppose it depends if it has all the features you want or need, and 
crashes less often.

For myself, Scribus does what I need.  I look forward to new 
features that may improve the ergonomics of use, but non essential 
features matter a lot less to me than the fact that Scribus has fewer 
severe unfixed bugs, and crashes a lot less than the InDesign 1.5 or 
Pagemaker 6.52 releases that we have used in the past !

For us, Scribus amounted to an upgrade !

Cheers, J/.
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