[Scribus] clipart browser

Petr Vaněk petr
Wed Feb 6 08:17:45 CET 2008

On ?t 5. ?nora 2008, nveitch wrote:
> Anyhow, please comment here to tell me: a) i'm crazy, b) a list of
> reasons why it will never work, c) any helpful advice. I intend to do
> this anyway, and have a working system by the Libregraphics meeting.
> Yeah, so really i am just posting here to shame myself into doing it.
> it doesn't actually seem that hard, though I know I will live to
> regret saying that.

excelent idea.

I see some possible problems with it. Last time I tried to solve this for 
Scribus there was no sane way to get online openclipart access without 
parsing (from time-to-time changing) html pages or xml (huuuuge) file. And 
I'm not sure if they have created some sane API already.


The 2nd one - as Avox said - art apps use different GUI toolkits so splitting 
the "clipart browser" into "core" and "standalone reference GUI app" makes 
sense to me.

The Core could integrate available services into one API. This API can be used 
independentely by GUI developers.

So if you decide to start this app/lib let us know (and I can help you with 


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