[Scribus] clipart browser

Owen rcook
Tue Feb 5 21:58:30 CET 2008

> Hello scribusites,
> i think, at many times in the past, there has been loose talk of a
> clipart browser being integrated into Scribus, and perhaps at one
> time or another, something may have actually come of it.
> Well, I had a crazy idea that just might work. I was interested in
> doing something to make Creative Commons more popular, and then I
> thought, wouldn't it be great to have a CC browser-type thing that
> integrated directly with stuff that people might want to use CC stuff
> in, i.e. Scribus, Inkscape, Krita, Gimp etc.

There was this SOC project (I think)
http://download.berlios.de/ocalhelper/clipartbrowser-0.32.tar.gz A python
powered program which maybe of some interest to you

I could never get it to work properly


==========Notes from the README=======================
Clip Art Navigator


The Clip Art Navigator is a small program written with Python and GTK
to allow people to search for clip art easily.  It is designed
primarily as an extension for the Inkscape SVG editor, though it can
be used as a standalone program as well.  It searches one or more clip
art repositories, displays the aggregated results, and outputs the
contents of an image the user selects.  Note that the Clip Art
Navigator is currently limited to SVG clipart, though this may change
in the future.

The author would like to thank Google for funding the development of
this tool.


To invoke the program directly, run the "clipartnav.py" program from
the command line.  This is a Python script, and should be invoked
however you generally invoke Python programs on your system.  If
invoke without the "-f" option, it will print the contents of the
selected clip
art image to standard output (in the case of svg clip art, these
contents are svg xml).  If invoked with the "-f" flag, it will write
the selected clip art to the given filename.  For example, to have it
write the selected clip art to the file "out.svg", run

python clipartnav.py -f out.svg

The script also takes one optional command line argument; an input
document filename.  If given, the program will insert the selected
clipart into the svg document indicated by the given filename before
outputting the combined image.  This usage is primarily intended for
use by Inkscape, and not expected to be used by users directly.

You may also drag-and-drop images from the navigator into other
appropriate programs.  Copy-paste functionality doesn't quite work
yet, but is being worked on.



The Clip Art Navigator REQUIRES Python 2.4, GTK 2.6, and PyGTK >= 2.6.  In
addition, Inkscape 0.42 (from http://pyxml.sourceforge.net) is reccomended on
Linux systems and is required on Windows systems.

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