[Scribus] [Fwd: [Techtalk] openoffice and scribus]

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Tue Feb 5 21:02:07 CET 2008

Figaro wrote:
> Hello, all.
> Please allow me to step in here as I was the person who forwarded this
> onto the active Scribus stage (as it were).
> Please be appreciative that there are many many reasons that "silos" may
> be an operational exigency, as I think you mean to imply you understand.
> There are also self imposed "silos" that we all face due to the need to
> "get on with the job", especially if earning an income.
> And, of course the intention is to gradually go back to learn all the
> intricate details of the softwares. But, I ask you and me how many of us
> actually follow through beyond the cursory "need to USE now plus a
> little 'cuz I messed up" level?
I think I understand what you're saying. At some point, we have to 
accept that the users' needs do not always have to be met, just as 
commercial ventures cannot always meet the desires/needs of the 
customer. We have heard from printers who constantly face customers who 
want to make last-minute changes after a job has been already set up -- 
at some point they have to say no.

With Scribus development itself, there are periodic feature freezes and 
string freezes as a new version is approaching completion -- it just has 
to be that way.

So layout people, after having put in a tremendous amount of work, may 
have to say to editors that they cannot simply upload a whole new 
version of the text, you will have to trim it down to the changes, and 
these better be limited and essential. This is the practicality of 
working as a team.


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